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How Mundi Mediatores services meet user needs: the latest research findings

Unlocking the puzzle: The importance of mediator selection

In business disputes, finding the right mediator is akin to finding the perfect puzzle piece—it's essential for a successful resolution. However, the quest for the ideal mediator involves more than just experience based on word of mouth. It requires a blend of process expertise, subject matter knowledge, and interpersonal skills. The latest research reinforces this crucial aspect, highlighting the user’s need for certified mediators who possess a diverse range of traits to address the complexities of each case effectively.


The research unveiled: Insights into mediator selection challenges

The recently published Dutch survey, ‘Opportunities and Barriers for Busines Mediation’ conducted by esteemed mediation researchers Marc Simon Thomas, Eva Schutte, Manon Schonewille, and Olga Korneeva, delves into the challenges companies face in identifying the right mediator for their specific needs. It reveals that nearly one-third of companies report that the challenge of finding a competent mediator is a barrier to initiating mediation. Additionally, most companies (73%) have not developed a policy regarding the application of different forms of conflict resolution (e.g., when to litigate, negotiate, or mediate).

Furthermore, in a Belgium survey, 90% of users reported that their level of comfort to use mediation increases further if they know how to find a competent and trustworthy mediator.


Empowering solutions: The role of Mundi Mediatores

Complex cases demand mediators who not only excel in mediation techniques but also possess in-depth understanding and experience in the relevant subject matter. This nuanced approach is essential for fostering constructive dialogue and achieving mutually beneficial outcomes.

Enter Mundi Mediatores—an esteemed broker specializing in connecting companies with the most suitable highly experienced mediation professionals. Mundi Mediatores recognizes that no two disputes are alike and, as such, offers a tailored approach to mediator selection. By evaluating mediators based on their process expertise, subject matter knowledge, and personality, Mundi Mediatores ensures that companies are matched with mediators who can navigate their unique challenges effectively.


Finding the Right Fit: Partnering with Mundi Mediatores

With Mundi Mediatores as a trusted partner, companies no longer need to rely on word of mouth or trial and error when selecting a mediator. Instead, they gain access to a curated pool of mediation professionals who case by case are rigorously vetted to meet the participants specific needs. From facilitating access to the world’s leading mediators to fostering creative process design solutions, Mundi Mediatores equips companies with the tools they need to navigate disputes successfully.


Conclusion: A path forward with Mundi Mediatores

In conclusion, the latest research reaffirms the importance of selecting the right mediator in mediation. Three-quarters of companies are in favor of a mediator who discusses the opportunities and risks of a case to guide parties towards a settlement. Almost all lawyers and companies in the research reported that they find it beneficial when the business mediator takes firm control of the process. A significant majority (more than 79%, a substantial increase compared to 60% in the same study carried out in 2018) sees the main added value of the mediator as clearing emotional barriers that hinder reaching a settlement. The companies surveyed in this follow-up research seek specialized mediators who can assertively lead the process, combine it with subject matter expertise, while also addressing emotional barriers and the 'soft' side.

With Mundi Mediatores' expertise and guidance, companies can confidently find the best mediator to mediate complex disputes and achieve outcomes that align with their objectives

For more information about Mundi Mediatores services and how we can assist you in finding the right mediator for your case, please feel free to contact me directly at:


Manon Schonewille

Email: manon@mundimediatores

Phone: +31 654 336 192




PBM Onderzoeksrapport 4-2024
Download PDF • 7.42MB


Citation: M. Simon Thomas, E. Schutte, M. Schonewille, and O. Korneeva, ‘PBM vervolgonderzoek naar kansen en belemmeringen voor zakelijke mediation.’ Follow-up Study on Opportunities and Barriers for Business Mediation Among Lawyers and Companies in the Netherlands, Research Report 2024.

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