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Meet The Team

Mundi Mediatores offers you the added value of working with specialized ADR Process Facilitators, who are highly skilled mediators and ADR experts. They collaborate with you on the process diagnosis & design and shortlisting services.

Our facilitators work in more than 10 languages.

Besides this, we are fortunate to have the support of an international Advisory Board, consisting of the best ADR advisors we could find around the Globe: both very accomplished veterans as well as young high potentials.

Besides this, we have the support of many experienced colleagues and work in partnership with the International Mediation Institute, IMI, to have access to the best Certified Mediators around the world.

ADR Process facilitator vs Case Manager or Administrator. What is the difference?

◼ A Case manager is an administrative person

◼ A Facilitator is a mediator who mediates the process:

They identify and convene key disputants early on and

Assist them in setting up, diagnosing, designing and budgeting ADR processes

Executive Team

The Facilitators

The Advisory Board

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