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Publication Corporate Law Kluwer: Cross-border mediation: the same, but different

Veel potentie voor zakelijke mediation. "Wat zijn de ervaringen van de afnemers van zakelijke mediation en welke ontwikkelingen in het vakgebied zien zij graag?"
Manon Schonewille & Marc Simon Thomas. Article in TMD 2019-1 (Dutch)


8 key drivers to determine what type of ADR-process works best

  • party driven (mediation, negotiation),

  • legal focus (litigation, arbitration), or

  • a combination of processes.

8 key drivers - RapiDR scan

These 8 procedural drivers give an indication for the most suitable process or combined processes to resolve your case.

8 key drivers RapiDR Scan

Quick check of success-predicting indicators for settlement through mediation

Practice proves that all cases can be suitable for mediation or negotiation but not all parties / participants.

Contract clauses

  • Mundi Mediatores contract clauses

  • Mundi Mediatores Sample Mediation clauses


Watch Manon's FiresideTalk interview on Mundi Mediatores with Lisa Gillespie

Watch here the mini workshop on choosing the right mediator and process for a cross-border dispute of Jeremy Lack (InnovADR) and Manon Schonewille (Mundi Mediatores & The Academy of Legal Mediation).


ZAM/ACB: research into the opportunities and impediments of business mediation among business users, lawyers and judges with mediation experiences in The Netherlands.

Published in december 2018 in Dutch. "ZAM/ACB Onderzoek naar kansen en belemmeringen voor zakelijke mediation onder advocaten, bedrijven en rechters in Nederland".

  • Survey (Dutch)

  • Summary in English

SIDRA-SMU International Dispute Resolution Survey: 2022 Final Report

MM pre-launches


  • May 10, 2023

  • September 27, 2023


Pre-launch Zoom recording - September 27, 2023


  • Q&A on the International Mediation Institute - May 10, 2023

  • Q&A and ideas Mundi Mediatores, 2023

Contract clauses

  • Mundi Mediatores contract clauses

A typical case

The case and tools with updated Glasl stair image

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