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Written shortlisting

Mundi Mediatores
Written shortlisting of one mediator

Besides interactive shortlisting under the guidance of an ADR process facilitator we provide a quick, simple shortlisting of one or more mediators through a written process.

Here's an overview of how MM assists in a quick written shortlisting of a mediator.

1. Needs and expectations assessment:

Prior to shortlisting, the involved parties and their legal counsel are requested to fill in a questionnaire with their needs and expectations of the mediator and their approach of the mediation process.

2. Checking the MM database and network: 

MM initiates the shortlisting process by comparing information about prospective ADR professionals and the parties needs and expectations. This may include details about their backgrounds, mediation styles, professional afiliations, fees and knowing which ADR-Neutrals are comfortable working online.

3. Alignment with standards: 

MM ensures that the shortlisted ADR-Neutral(s) align(s) with the high standards set by organizations like the International Mediation Institute (IMI) and offer sustainable practices e.g., by adhering to initiatives such as the Greener Arbitrations, Mediators’ Green Pledge, or the Universal Disclosure Protocol for Mediation (UDPM).

4. The parties themselves select and appoint the mediator:

With consent of the mediator(s) MM sends name(s) and profile(s) and contact details to the parties, who select and appoint the mediator themselves.

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