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User Engagement
(Convening The Disputants)

Mundi Mediatores

Our experienced facilitators can also assist and work on behalf of one party in initiating mediation or discussing procedural options.

It is sometimes challenging to reach out to the other party and their counsel to propose mediation or agree on a process. If you want to initiate mediation or discuss procedural options, you can request Mundi Mediatores to do so. A Mundi Mediators process facilitator contacts the other parties whose participation is required to resolve the dispute and seeks to convene meetings to discuss their procedural options for optimally resolving the matter together with you, even if other proceedings may already have been initiated.

Working with one or all of the parties, we can help the disputants and their advisors to engage in dialogue and help them focus on their procedural needs and interests first. This, often includes reducing time, costs, and preserving important relationships, or preventing the dispute from escalating unnecessarily.

Mundi Mediatores will work with any party to help all of the parties engage in constructive dialogue about how to have a more effective and efficient ADR process, reaching out to other disputants and their lawyers to discuss their procedural needs and interests first before identifying the best ADR-Neutral.

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