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What is Mundi Mediatores and what is it not 

Updated: Apr 16

Mundi Mediatores is an innovative concept, a catalyst on a mission to overcome the mediation paradox.* It's occasionally mistaken for a mediation service provider, but, crucially, Mundi Mediatores is not in the business of providing mediation services. Instead, it acts as a broker, bringing together companies and mediators or mediation service providers. Once the connection is made, Mundi Mediatores steps back, allowing the chosen mediators or mediation service organizations to carry out the mediation on their own terms.

Think of Mundi Mediatores as a broker facilitating the connection between supply and demand in ADR (Appropriate Dispute Resolution), ultimately leading to faster, more cost-effective, and better outcomes. It serves as a guide in identifying not only competent but the most suitable ADR neutrals for specific cases. Mundi Mediatores also helps in diagnosing disputes and crafting tailored processes for the resolution of commercial disputes.

Mundi Mediatores IS:

  • A ‘broker’ between mediators, ADR processes, and users

  • Offering tailormade services to users on a case-by-case basis:

  • Bespoke shortlisting of mediators taking in account the users desire for e.g., diversity and subject matter expertise.

  • Tailored Dispute Resolution Process Design Services

  • An international initiative

  • A commercial company

  • Enabling users to initiate a mediation or other ADR process: 

  • Handing over to the neutral, mediator or mediation institution after process diagnosis and design or shortlisting; the users themselves appointing the neutral

  • More than ‘just mediation’: broad focus other ADR processes including combination (hybrid) dispute resolution processes.

  • Using objective quality criteria and conditions for mediators to be eligible for shortlisting (building upon the standards of excellence set by IMI)

  • Promoting diversity, transparency, and sustainability 

  • accessible on an equal basis to experienced mediators regardless of their professional affiliations, gender, race, ethnicity, age, religion, sexual orientation, or other personal characteristic

  • only pay for services provided (mediators pay only if appointed by the parties, parties only pay for actual services done by MM)

  • Encouraging mediators to use the Universal Disclosure Protocol for Mediation (UDPM)

  • Stimulating mediators to sign and promote the green pledge

Mundi Mediatores is NOT:

  • A mediation provider

  • A certifying organization

  • A mediator office

  • A training company

  • A Dutch/national initiative

  • An appointing authority / organizer of the actual mediation process

  • A nonprofit/foundation/mediator association

  • Prescribing how to conduct the mediation and what fee structures and models to use

  • Not using own mediation rules/code of conduct/mediation agreement terms

  • Asking any payments to join the M list

  • Operating a website featuring all mediators for general search

In essence, Mundi Mediatores stands as a matchmaker between ADR neutrals | providers and companies, filling a unique role by not being an ADR provider but complementing existing service providers and collaborating with them. It addresses obstacles contributing to the 'mediation paradox,' striving to enhance accessibility to mediation and promote the uptake of ADR.

* The mediation paradox: Companies express a preference for mediation and a desire to reach faster, cheaper and better outcomes. However, in practice, most companies resort to traditional litigation or arbitration processes due to various obstacles.

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